HaYa Chat

Meeting for the first time?

Don’t give out your number or email, give them a HaYa Burner code instead. Get to know them first before sharing your contact details.

Part of a support group?

Start a HaYa Group Chat and you can all stay in touch without sharing any personal information. Share a Group Burner code.

Want to chat to someone?

Join the Random Chat. You will be safely connected for a text only chat to another HaYa user. No bots just real people.

No personal information

No registration, no profile, no email, no phone number and no access to pictures and contacts needed.

Safety on HaYa

HaYa is a text only chat. Once a conversation is deleted, it is deleted from both devices and you are disconnected from that person.

Download HaYa Chat

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About Us

At HaYa we believe that you should be able to keep in touch with someone without sharing personal details. We built this app for you to have fun whilst staying safe.
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