The incognito chat app

Chat with individuals, groups and organisations completely incognito by sharing Burner Codes or scanning QR codes.

HaYa Chat is part of the HaYa Platform. If you are an organisation which is looking to receive anonymous contacts from HaYa Chat users please visit

Looks like you are on a smartphone – just tap the QR code

* The use of multimedia requires the user to verify their User Key with an email. If contacting an organisation then you can use multimedia without verification.
** If you are connected to an organisataion your data will only be deleted from your device.

HaYa Chat - the safest way to chat


If you are meeting new people and don't want to give out your contact details, use HaYa Chat to give them a Burner Code putting you in control.


If you need to keep in touch with someone or a group but want to keep your details private, use HaYa Chat to share a Burner Code.


HaYa Chat is the only GDPR compliant group chat. Create a temporary group for your event and let people join by sharing a Burner Code


If you need to expose something and want to protect your identity you can share a Burner Code and chat incognito.


Create a group chat or Open Group and allow people looking for support and advice to join anonymously and safely.

HaYa Org

Connect anonymously to organisations by scanning their HaYa Org QR Code. For more information go to

No one can find you on HaYa Chat as there is no identifier. If someone wants to connect to you they have to give you a Burner Code.

We don’t know who you are unless you verify your User Key with an email. Apple and Google will know who you are as they have access to the app id when you download it.

Only if you or the other person generates a new Burner Code to be shared. If someone contacts you via Group Chat then they will be able to contact you again unless you leave that Group Chat.

Your identity is completely protected as we don’t have any information about you and you do not have to verify your User Key with an email to send and receive multimedia with the organization.

If you forget your User Key or password and uninstall the app there is no way to retrieve them again. You will need to create a new User Key and will loose all connected chats.

If your phone is hacked then your chats will be accessible as everything else but anyone you are talking to cannot be identified so they are protected.

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