The incognito chat app

Chat with individuals, groups and organisations completely incognito by sharing Burner Codes or scanning QR codes.
No registration, no profile, no identifier giving you full control on who can connect to you.
If you would like help in contacting an organisation anonymously click here to use our intermediary service.

Reinventing how people stay in touch

With HaYa Chat you don't register, have a profile or share any personal identifiers.

To connect to people or groups you use one-time-use Burner Codes.

Protected identity

With no registration, creation of a profile or use of a unique identifiers, your identity is completely protected.

Burner Codes

Burner Codes allows you to control who connects to you. You generate a chat Burner Code for each chat and give it to the people you want to chat to.

Contact Organizations

Contact Organizations registered on anonymously. Look out for the @organization or QR code on their website, emails or posters.

Open Groups

Open Groups is where you can find like minded people. When you join an Open Group you give yourself any nickname so you can be safe that you will not be trolled.

Data control

Your data is encrypted and if you delete your data it is deleted from our servers and deleted from any connected chat.

Multimedia safety

With HaYa Chat you cannot receive multimedia without authorising it per chat. Use of multimedia requires email verification unless you are contacting an organization.

HaYa Chat uses

See what HaYa Chat can be used for

Dating security

With HaYa Chat it made my life a lot easier when dating. With the app I don't have to give my phone number or anything and so until I am comfortable with that person I don't run any risks of being harassed as I can just disconnect from the chat and never be contacted again.

Tinder user

Whistleblowing and complaints

HaYa Chat is great for whistleblowers as it gives them a secure app to connect to organisations using HaYa Org. We use it at ToneStar to allow people to contact us without risk of exposure.

ToneStar Consulting

Keeping event participants up to date

HaYa Chat group chat has been fantastic for keeping our event participants up to date with live chat. Because of GDPR we don't use WhatsApp as event participants don't want their number being public. With the group chat we create temporary groups where participants join without sharing personal details.

Street and Boulder

Keeping in touch without giving my phone number

Because of my status I meet a lot of people and many times need to keep in touch with them but don't want to give them my phone number or email. HaYa Chat is perfect for this as I can give them a temporary code which at any time I can delete and not be contacted again.

TV personality

Support groups

I am part of a support group and because we are at high risk we don't want to use WhatsApp or other messenger apps as we don't want to risk the other members being exposed in case one of our phones gets hacked. With HaYa Chat we are all completely protected.

Support group leader


Can someone find me on HaYa Chat?

No one can find you on HaYa Chat as there is no identifier. If someone wants to connect to you they have to give you a Burner Code.

Does HaYa Chat know who I am?

We don't know who you are unless you verify your User Key with an email. Apple and Google will know who you are as they have access to the app id when you download it.

If I delete a chat can that person contact me again?

Only if you or the other person generates a new Burner Code to be shared. If someone contacts you via Group Chat then they will be able to contact you again unless you leave that Group Chat.

Is my identity protected when contacting an organization?

Your identity is completely protected as we don't have any information about you and you do not have to verify your User Key with an email to send and receive multimedia with the organization.

What happens if I forget my User Key?

If you forget your User Key or password and uninstall the app there is no way to retrieve them again. You will need to create a new User Key and will loose all connected chats.

Can I be identified if my phone is hacked?

If your phone is hacked then your chats will be accessible as everything else but anyone you are talking to cannot be identified so they are protected.